Day of Coordination

If you've done most of the planning and need someone to be the liaison between all of the vendors and the wedding party, look no further. We will be responsible for ensuring everyone fulfills their duties.

Wedding Planner

If you desire an unforgettable, worry free wedding, than look no further. We consult with you months before your special day; negotiate with vendors and ensure everything reflects your vision and is within budget.


The best advertisement is a referral.


How long does it take to plan a wedding?

A: We have planned weddings in 30 days and have facilitated weddings that took a year to plan. 

What is the first thing we should do when planning a wedding?

A. Determine a budget and select a venue.  Popular venues book 18 months in advance.

How long has Notable been planning weddings?

A: We started as small affairs caterers over 25 years ago.  Our first wedding was in 1994 and then we were hired as a consultant with a large restaurant group to plan weddings and we haven't looked back.  All of our weddings have been based on referrals from the party or guests.